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Synopsis is our main web site. It is our most intricate application with a number of user inputs and access methods. is built on Ruby on Rails and leverages a number of Open Source technologies.

Rewards range from $200 up to $10000 and are determined at our discretion based on a number of factors. For example, if you find a reflected XSS that is only possible in Opera, and Opera is <2% of our traffic, then the severity and reward will be lower. But a persistent XSS that works in Chrome, at >60% of our traffic, will earn a much larger reward.

You can find the app at

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Recently collected bounties:

1 ChALkeR 2500 pts Сковорода Никита Андреевич User-controlled `class` attribute on some Markdown tags
2 mishre 1000 pts @mishre Organization member can change organization visibility for other members
3 jkakavas 600 pts Ioannis Kakavas SAML Response attribute not revoked to prevent replay attacks
4 yasinS 3000 pts Yasin Soliman Unauthenticated organization SAML recovery code download
5 kyprizel 500 pts kyprizel HTTP header injection in Git proxy